December 2009 Horoscope

December 2009 Horoscope

December brings a change in the planetary energies, as we prepare for the year 2010 opened with a Blue Moon and Lunar Eclipse in New Year's Eve. During 2009, at least one planet has been steadily declining, when the planet Uranus will change directly in Pisces on 1 December will see 20 days with all the planets move forward, take a deep breath and enjoy this brief respite, as we prepare to move forward.

Of course, undergo change forever when one of the planets has its season and moving forward, but it can also be fun as Venus enters Sagittarius on 1st sparks playful and fun lead to relations in the next 3 weeks. This may be a good time to start a new romance. Full Moon of Gemini in the 2nd To illustrate the need for clear communication and be in sympathy with their higher purpose.

1 December of Uranus, stations the "last alarm" and are preparing to return and continue their journey brave! Over the last months of his setbacks, he invited us temporarily to internationalize our hopes and dreams - so we can follow our own dreams and find our own unique again. This process was to help "re-awakening" our individual spirit and reconnect with our original purpose - instead of the mixture and then the crowd.

December 2, communication and friendship out strong for us during the full moon in Gemini. Full moon shines and illuminates the darkest areas of our life - rejuvenation of negativity in a positive light, love and truth. Allow the moon to see life and others that they are - rather than what is expected to be.

The 5th December Communications also been more reserved as mercury enters Capricorn serious. Our thoughts are focused more on family, money and tradition. We left the 'tall tales' Sagittarius ago to concentrate on how we can structure our ideas and benefit from them. During that vacation timeshare, we could begin to impose stricter keep our portfolios, while communicating the real message behind the love and the "gift of giving.

On 16 December a new emotional cycle begins with New Moon in Sagittarius philosopher. We have the potential to take us to a much larger space in the coming weeks if you work with vibration, while real investment thinking and action on our goals.

On 20 December Our passion and action will be at stations on Mars and return to a large Leo heart, which will continue "until March.

The shortest day of the year is December 21 and we can start looking forward to add more light to each of our next few days! whoohoo! The Sun also included ambitious Capricorn, 21 December and came into the world of serious and valuable mountain goat hard work.

On 25 December, join the Sun Venus in Capricorn, and our hopes for change of Sagittarius enthusiast part, the older values, Capricorn.

On 26 December in conjunction with Mars, we also have Mercury retrograde begins this month. Mercury rules our communication and thought processing, and although it "appears" to move back ... how we express ourselves now seems to go in the wrong direction.

31st December, We are now closing the gates emotional for her own protection and to stabilize our inner circle. Responses are presented to us now, and power.


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