Microsoft Office Visio 2007

Microsoft Office Visio 2007

Microsoft Office Visio 2007 makes it easy for IT and business professionals to visualize, analyze and communicate complex information. Go from complicated text and tables and hard to understand to Visio diagrams that communicate information at a glance. Instead of static pictures, create data-connected Visio diagrams that display data, are easy to upgrade and increase productivity. Use the wide variety of diagrams in Office Visio 2007 to understand, act and share information about organizational systems, resources and processes across the enterprise.

Office Visio 2007 is available in two different editions: Office Visio Professional and Office Visio Standard. Office Visio Standard 2007 has the same basic functionality as Visio Professional 2007.

Microsoft Office Visio 2007 Includes :

Get started quickly with templates. Office Visio 2007 includes specific tools to support the various charts need for IT professionals and business. Create a broader range of diagrams with new templates, such as ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) template and mapping the value chain template in Office Visio Professional 2007. Use the predefined Microsoft SmartShapes symbols and powerful search capabilities to find the right shape, if it is stored on a computer or the Internet.

  • Quickly access templates you use often. In the new Getting Started window, find the template you need by browsing simplified template categories and using large template previews. Locate the templates you used recently by the new Recent Templates view in the input window.
  • Get inspired by sample diagrams. Find new sample diagrams more easily by opening the new Getting Started window and use the new testing category in Office Visio Professional 2007. View sample diagrams that are integrated with data to get ideas for creating your own diagrams, to realize how data provides more context for many diagram types, and to determine which template to use.
  • Connect shapes without drawing connectors. The new feature automatically start Office Visio 2007 connects shapes, distributes them evenly, and brings them to you - with one click. When you move the connected shapes, they are connected and the connectors automatically reroute between the shapes.
  • Easily connect data to diagrams and link data to shapes. Automatically connect diagrams to one or more data sources, such as Microsoft Office Excel 2007 spreadsheets or Microsoft Office Access 2007 databases, using the functionality of new datalink Office Visio Professional 2007. Save time associating data with shapes by using intuitive new linking methods, which populate each shapes properties (also known as shape data) with data values. For example, link all the shapes in a diagram to rows of data from connected data sources by using the new Automatic Link Wizard.
  • Beautiful display data in charts. Easily display the data associated with shapes in attractive ways by using the new Data Graphics functionality in Office Visio Professional 2007 to choose between a variety of data formatting options. With a single click, display data fields as callouts next to a shape, position fields in boxes below a shape, and place fields of data directly on top of or beside a figure.
  • Update the data easily in the charts. The new Refresh Data in Office Visio Professional 2007 automatically updates all the data in your diagrams so you do not have to do it manually. If data conflicts arise, easily resolve them by Conflicts task pane, the update also included in Office Visio Professional 2007.
  • Visualize business data. Visually explore business data that is normally displayed in static text and tables using dynamic diagrams. Create different views of the same data to better understand the problems.

Microsoft Office Visio 2007 System Requirements :

  • Computer and processor: 500 megahertz (MHz) or higher
  • Memory: 256 megabyte (MB) of RAM or higher
  • Hard Disk: 1.5 gigabytes (GB), a part of this space will be freed after installation if the original download package is removed from the hard disk
  • Drive: CD-ROM or DVD
  • Monitor: 1024x768 or higher resolution monitor
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack (SP) 2, Windows Server
  • 2003 with SP1 or later operating system


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