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The Internet has come alive as readers seeking information about "Potfest" a sequel to Broken Lizard film team 2006 ode to alcohol Beer Fest.The speculation was encouraged by the film festival of the beer itself, which ended by saying that then was on the horizon Potfest. Since the film's creative team behind the beer festival indicated that this is just a tool for advertising the film to put a little fun to the audience.

A few months ago 8 December,2006.IGN spoke with the Broken Lizard boys in his next film The Road Greek. It was just after the release of Beer Fest, and Steve Lemme said: "If we are to make the Greek way, we must show to Warner Bros. we can make a movie, on. If we can get Beer Fest to serve some money so we can make Greek Road."

Although the idea of a film Potfest was a joke by a film crew member, Kevin Heffernan, the huge fan interest in the project have made Broken Lizard reconsider the viability of projects.But the project may have a turn fans do not wait. In an interview with IGN Heffernan, said that "[Potfest], obviously, be a sequel to Beer Fest. But we think maybe we can do this in an animated comedy, an R-rated, animated. There are many."

Beer Fest was considered a blockbuster. Warner Bros. and the objective of Broken Lizard's Beer Fest was $ 20 million dollar box office return, and sources indicate that the film attracted a surplus of $ 19.2 million.

With a strong fan of smoking pot, which can now include Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps, the promise of a positive return, and the interest the film has already been generated, perhaps this project is a viable option after all. However, there has not been confirmed.

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