Pakistan Rejects Claim it Modified Missiles

Pakistan Rejects Claim it Modified MissilesPakistan on Sunday rejected a report in The New York Times, saying the United States illegally after anti-ship missiles supplied to enable them to find land targets.

"The accusations are correct and based on faulty intelligence," Ambassador Husain Haqqani, "while commenting on the Times' dispatch." We will make sure that America understands the correct picture and we will fight back periodic efforts to falsely blamed Pakistan, which remains a critical American ally in the fight against terrorism, "said Ambassador Haqqani, urges the U.S. media to help Pakistan in its crucial anti-terror efforts and refrain from making false accusations.

Husain Haqqani, Pakistani Ambassador to the United States, that false accusations and "based on faulty intelligence."

"We will ensure that the United States understands the right image and we will fight efforts to newspapers falsely accused Pakistan, which remains a critical U.S. ally in fighting terrorism," Haqqani said state Associated Press of Pakistan on Sunday.

"The focus of our concern is that this is a potentially unauthorized change of a maritime anti-defense capability of the ships of a land offensive missile attack," said another senior administration official told The Times, who spoke on condition of anonymity on classified information. "When we have problems, we act aggressively," he added. Pakistan denied the accusation and said that developed the missile, the Times said. The Times also said some experts were skeptical of U.S. requirements. Robert Hewson, editor of Jane's Air-Launched Weapons, a yearbook and web-based data services, said the Harpoon missile was not far enough land attack missile, which will increase the credibility of claims Pakistan to further develop their own missiles.

Moreover, he said Pakistan already has more modern land attack missiles it has developed or acquired from China. "They are beyond the need to reverse engineer old American kit," Hewson said in a telephone interview. "They are more sophisticated than that." Hewson said that the ship-to-ground missile that Pakistan was the test was part of a concerted effort to develop a range of conventional missiles could be fired from the air, land or sea to resolve much of India's most formidable conventional arsenal of missiles .


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