Twilight The Video Game Updates

Game director of "Twilight the Video Game", has just updates interesting status for the same.

Twilight The Video Game Updates, Twilight Game, Twilight Video Game, Twilight, Game, Video GameA run down : Twilight the Video Game will be an interactive experience that will allow players to immerse themselves into the Twilight Saga through exploration and discoveries. Players will have a choice to play the game three ways, reading the journal as a regular book, listening to the writer’s voice, and going back and experiencing the events referenced within the journal via “Journal Flashpoints.” The Cullen house and Charlie’s house will serve as the central hubs to the game. Players will embark on a journey through the events of the Twilight Saga and experience the story from the perspectives of some of the most beloved characters.

Information & Answers : At this time there is no disclosed release date on the actual game. The game will be released to Summit Entertainment for publishing once the game is of highest quality. However, Brainjunk Studios will be hosting a playable demo of the game on November 20, 2009. Locations are yet to be determined.

The team and their ultimate mission : Brainjunk Studios is comprised of non-paid volunteers and is headed by Brandon Gardner, Lead Programmer and Game Director. Currently, Brainjunk Studios is developing the non-commercial project Twilight The Video Game. Once completed, the game will be released to Summit Entertainment.

Interest in affiliation with Summit Entertainment : This game is being created for academic purposes and as such is a non-commercial project for everyone involved. Everyone on the development team understands they are non-paid volunteers, including the game director. This project is not about the money; it is about the passion, of everyone involved, to create a deeper interaction in the Twilight Universe that Stephenie Meyer has created.

Gardner says that, "The demo will only be shown offline at physical events. The demo will be a playable prototype of the game that will move us from preproduction into actual production of the game. Also I want to mention that on your article about Stephenie Meyer day that you forgot to include an event."


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