Senior Group Reject Health Care 'Scare Tactics'

Senior Group Reject Health Care Scare Tactics

At noon, one of the hottest days of summer, a small group of seniors sweated against the state GOP headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina Republican Party asked to stop using what they call "scare tactics" to the greatest successes of the health system review. It could be the beginning of a silver reaction against what some say is a campaign of misinformation on health reform.

Members of the Alliance for Retired Americans were angry about a recent column by the Republican Party's national chairman, Michael Steele, who said that health reform will lead to rationing for the elderly and deep cuts in Medicare. Michael Gravinese protesters are saying is not true - and he believes that Steele is scaring seniors like him.

According to Dong Gravinese, "It is quite obvious and clear what they are doing, and added that" It is not beneficial for the country. Let's take a reasoned, honest discussion about health care."

Gravinese not the only one who thinks his gray hair makes him a target for disinformation. AARP also. The group has spent millions on a campaign to counter what Jordan McNerney spokesman also called scare tactics. He writes from a political standpoint, which focuses on elderly substantially.

McNerney says that "Older Americans vote more than any other voting group, especially in the mid-term elections, so are an influential group, adding:" Especially for people in Medicare when you tell them that things change obtain the most worried." Whether many older people to do just that will probably play in the coming weeks.


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