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Audi A1 is a model of expected, but so far few details have been released, as Audi has tried to taunt us from time to time with new information on the car. This time we got some official information on the A1, according to Car Magazine in Britain, due in October or November.

Audi A1 Car photo The source quoted met with Peter Schwarz Bauer, Audi sales and marketing manager, who confirmed that the A1 will be the same A3 range, which makes us believe that the future will come Sportback model, and Convertible form the cross. In addition to the German mark up a sporty version of the car will be sold as S1.

Rumors claimed Audi A1 is expected to reach European dealers as soon as early 2010 and will be available initially as a three-door model. The car is obviously based on the A1 concept first shown at the 2007 Tokyo Auto Show, but come with small changes, as some features that would not make sense in a production model.

Audi A1 is a model to be released in the U.S., and although details of that plan is still incomplete at this point. However, Audi is considering a possible U.S. launch, because the price of the car, probably about 20,000 euros, could affect the local selling.

They're a long way from being finalized, but will be set to avoid stealing sales from the Audi A3, which currently runs in the $25,400-$34,000 range. We'll go out on the proverbial limb and predict A1s will start around $22,000 and top out around $28,000 for loaded AWD versions.

Audi A1 Car Features :

  • Antilock brakes,
  • Curtain side airbags,
  • Full power assists,
  • Decent stereo AWD version should add spiffs like antiskid/traction control,
  • Automatic climate control,
  • Leather upholstery,
  • Larger wheels and tires.

Audi A1 Car Specification :

  • Powered by 1.4 TFSI petrol engine
  • 27hp electric motor that adds 150 Nm of torque
  • Speed of 0-60 in 7.9 seconds.
  • The vehicle is also able to calculate its fuel efficiency ahead of time, by determining changes in altitude and calculating how much extra power will be required as you drive


  1. We've known since at least September--when the A1 and A8 skipped the Frankfurt Auto Show--that Audi is considering the A1 compact for the United States. A recent report out of Germany even says the car may do without all-wheel drive.

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