Strange “Halo” Cloud Hangs Over Moscow Photos

Strange “Halo” Cloud Hangs Over Moscow Photos The strange cloud was photographed in Moscow last week. The cloud seemed almost as alien invasion scenes from the movie "Independence Day". Read more about this strange halo cloud and watch the video below.

A strange bright ring-shaped cloud was videotaped hanging over Moscow last week.

Many people in Moscow, foreigners are asked whether the cloud was even supernatural halo. But forecasts reject these theories and explains the formation of clouds.

"In several fronts have passed through Moscow recently, there was a burglary in the Arctic air also, the sun was shining from the west - to see how it is constructed to follow," said a local meteorologist.

"This is a purely optical effect, although it looks impressive. If you look closer, you can see the sun rays coming through the cloud. Probably the sun was setting when the video is doing," added.

As for the pollution that causes this rare cloud formation, says predictions that is not true.

"This phenomenon has nothing to do with industrial emissions," said one. "I could not produce this effect in the current weather conditions."

"If something happens, there is the impact of pollution, but only appears when the weather is calm for long. The wind in Moscow has been very strong recently."


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