Genelia D'Souza Walks Ramp at HDIL Couture Week

Genelia D'Souza walks ramp at HDIL photos

Everyone knows that Genelia D Souza is very sexy and her figure is very tight. She is beautiful and talented too. We do not know what is the secret behind her sexy looks, but we know what we feel after watching it. These are pictures of her in HDIL Cour Tours weeks. She looks fantastic. Download Genelia D Souza Goes the ramp at HDIL Couture Week Photos Posters & Photos.

In the period of October 11 to October 16 famous designers and their muses of Bollywood will make the paparazzi go crazy with their style, attitude and aura, and it will take the ramp. Lakme Fashion Week, held on 09 September have also judged in relation to the collection presented, but the insufficient presence of Bollywood disappointed many. HDIL India Couture Week in contrast, promises to be bigger and better in terms of its presence in Bollywood.

Genelia D'Souza walks ramp at HDIL couture week pics

Genelia D'Souza walks ramp at HDIL couture week pictures

Genelia D'Souza walks ramp pics

Genelia D'Souza walks ramp photos

Genelia D'Souza ramp pics


  1. I agree with you. She is gorgeous and stunning. I like these images. Thanks for the post.

  2. Genelia looks so cute. She just rocked the ramp. I think she got a great makeover as her first movie was so not well but she did a great cum back from "Jane Tu ya Jane Na" and became youth idol.


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