Sun Myung Moon Wedding

Sun Myung Moon Wedding pics South Korea to South America, the bride dressed in white for the largest mass wedding of Unification Church in a decade, with 40,000 people participating in many cities around the world.

The "blessing ceremony" was the greatest church since 1999 and may very well be the last to such a large scale convicted at age 89, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, founder of the controversial Unification Church.

More than 40,000 people around the world attended the wedding of the majority of the Unification Church on Wednesday. Convicted at age 89, was the Rev. Sun Myung Moon of South Korea the biggest ceremony in the church for 10 years.More than 20,000 people gathered on the campus of Sun Moon University in Asan, south of Seoul, on Wednesday, while about 20,000 more simultaneous ceremonies were recorded in the USA, Brazil, Australia and elsewhere.

Some were new partners in the unions organized by the church, others renewing their vows. The brides wore wedding dresses or their national costume, men dressed in black suit with red tie with white scarves around the neck.

The mass wedding is presented as the Moon moves to the side for the daily management for more than three children, even though Reverend Moon Hyung-jin, 30, tapped to take charge of religious affairs, insists that her father is healthy and maintain global charge . The ceremony is intended to mark significant anniversaries in the life of a leader: his 90th birthday and 50th anniversary of his marriage, he Hak-ja, church officials said.

Brides and grooms in a veil of white gloves - from South Korea, U.S., Japan, Europe and elsewhere - are linked to pictures and practiced shouting "Viva!" at the wedding rehearsal.

"I'm a little nervous," admitted Rie Furuta. She had a boyfriend Tadakuni Sano, both 25 years old from Japan, met only three times since their marriage was arranged in March.During ceremony, Moon holy water before the couple exchanged rings. After the blessing of the newlyweds, he led a standing ovation in the middle of a shower of white confetti.


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