Amazing Angkor 333 Car

Angkor 333 Car pictures, Angkor 333 Car video, Angkor 333 Car details

I have been looking for information about this strange car quite a while, and here is the picture of the new car makes 333 Angkor in Cambodia Cambodian inventor Mr. Nhean Phaloek. I thought that 333 is his invention Angkor 3th, has 2 previous models I have no picture of them, however, Mr. Nhean Phaloek said that the car will be finished in 2010, and you know what is the strange point of your invention? Is the door can be opened only by him and without remote control.

Angkor 333 Car pictures, Angkor 333 Car video, Angkor 333 Car details

He told us to open the door with a feeling that he can use his sense of the car to open the door, and only he can open the door. how could this happen? I still think there is something hidden in his pocket, the car is ready for the recipient receives the signal from your device and can make a trigger to open the door, there is an invisible power or feel with technology. but it is obviously a very precise and be admired by the Cambodian mechanical talent to invent a car so small and charming. He said that the car would cost only $ 5000, everything was built by him in his own garage.

even if a car company like Toyota and Peugeot Citroen, or want to buy their technology is not for sale but they can get to them and built the factory here. is a brilliant idea for the development of the country. this post is dedicated to him, and I will wait and see when the car is completely finished.

Angkor Car 333 Model 2010 Video (YouTube)


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