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Chevron Racing Cars is working hard to develop what they call a Ferrari-like, racing even cheaper, for use in a range of V8 GT 2010th The car is expected to cost around 49,500 euros plus VAT (although the price of 40k is still possible) and a package with 2.0-liter Cosworth engine (with the possibility of American origin too) which will develop 255 CV.

"The new GR8 conceived as a pilot credit crisis," said Ed Burrows, spokesman for Chevron, said PistonHeads. "It will track the performance of a car from Ferrari or Porsche, but with only a fraction of operating costs.The British automotive history is filled with dozens of small independent chalet automakers in the industry. Names such as Lotus, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Bentley, Rolls-Royce and Land Rover has proved its worth. And in recent years companies like Ascari McLaren Automotive and Ariel have come to participate in the fold. (Heck, Lee Noble, has been responsible for half of them.) But for every new car manufacturer has established a shop in England, there are many more that have faded into night: the car manufacturers like Triumph, sunbeam, AC, Austin Healey and TVR. But it makes a comeback.

Founded by Derek Bennett in 1965, Chevron cars produced more than 60 different racing cars throughout its history. But the Lancaster-based carmaker has long disappeared into oblivion. The brand is now owned by Westfield sports providers as Lotus 7 cars, which are now preparing to bring back the Chevron with the design you see here.

The new GR8 Chevron is being developed as the spiritual successor to the original G-8, a light weight mid-engine car was built in the late 60s. The new car follows the same formula: a fiberglass body on a three-dimensional steel with 255hp a 2.0-liter Cosworth engine mounted in the center. This may not sound like a great power, but the goal of halting weight 1322 pounds is required to maintain the power / weight ratio in the fun.

Chevron is planning an initial run of 20 examples, each being sold for £ 49,500 (about $ 82K). They are designed for GR8 Challenge, a new racing series do. After that Chevron plans to turn GR8 special day in a track available for public consumption, but has no plans to release a continuous path. It is a shame because so many are born each year, one never tires of British sport.


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