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Virus Bulletin has released its August 2009 test results for SP2, Windows Vista Business. The company found 35 anti-malware products and test them. To pass the basic requirements of the test, the application must detect all malware known as "the wild, but not to produce any false positives. Products are tested in their default settings, and to succeed in both demand and access discoveries.

Virus Bulletin launched the program in a ring around 3,000 unique samples of malware spreading across four categories: polymorphic viruses, trojans, worms and viruses WildList / bots. Of the 35 samples passed, which means around one third of the products, only 23 were reduced to testing. Among the best known solutions are Symantec Endpoint Protection, which lost two infections in the WildList.

Symantec was quick to defend himself in response to the initial coverage of Ars Technician of the Virus Bulletin tests. A spokesman said: "In the last ten years, Symantec has won 44 consecutive VB100 awards, something no other vendor has come close to matching." Went to add that the malware is lost, is "extremely rare repeat a highly polymorphic file infecting virus, and have since fixed the issue in their signatures.

Security is the foremost concern in enterprises of today. These concerns are of huge importance for small and medium enterprises, as the cost of security is on the rise. Increasing amounts of attacks through hackers, viruses, worms, and spam on network infrastructure makes your data more vulnerable than ever, unless you opt for the preventive measure.

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