World Kindness Day

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November 13, celebrated as a day of kindness. This was the opening day of the first world conference on the goodness of the Movement, held in Tokyo in 1998 and the 35th anniversary of Japan's small kindness movement, which brought the signatories of the Declaration of goodness "of the Movement World of Kindness together in 1997.

The purpose of the International Day of goodness is to look beyond ourselves, beyond the borders of our country, outside of our culture, our race, our religion, and realize that we are citizens of the world.

Kindness comes from inner strength, compassion, determination and a strong sense of self. It takes a lot to be nice and not expect anything in return. Only you can help someone when you are safe and secure in the knowledge that you have in abundance. An act of kindness that comes from a deep sense of satisfaction with what you have.

World Kindness Day picture

As global citizens we have a society must realize that if development must take place in human relations and efforts if we are to achieve the goal of peaceful coexistence, we must focus on what we have in common. When we find similarities begin to experience empathy, and in this state that full coverage of such person or persons. Although we think of people in other cultures as "different" when compared with our own customs and beliefs, it does not mean we are better than them. When we become friends with someone from another culture, we found that despite some obvious differences, there are many similarities.


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