American Virgin 2009

American Virgin 2009

Director: Clare Kilner
Writer: Jeff Seeman
Staring Cast : Rob Schneider, Jenna Dewan, Chase Ryan Jeffery, Brianne Davis, Bo Burnham, Sarah Habel
Genre: Comedy

Girl A college student with a grant from a group that advocates abstinence until marriage saving discovers that his antics during a night of debauchery, when reluctantly got drunk for the first time in his life were captured by the camera from a poor producer quality video. Now she and her friends must travel the country to recover the incriminating evidence.

Priscilla (Jenna Dewan) is raised to believe in the chastity of their parents at an early age, and she carries the message to heart with such force that serves a free ride to college, thanks to a grant from the 'Can' t Hurry Love "Foundation.

When Priscilla arrives at his new school, but discovers to her horror that her roommate is not worth repeating all-Natalie flunkie (Brianne Davis), aka" The Naz "which almost overwhelmed Priscilla to smoke marijuana, Class sex sessions and giant vibrator. One night, when Priscilla businesses out of trying to silence a particularly strong fraternity parties, Natalie Priscilla forced to live, and Priscilla ends up drunk, while those of poor quality "Go Wild Chicks" The cameras rolling.

American Virgin Trailor (You Tube)


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