HDFC Virtual Credit Card

HDFC Virtual Credit Card

Netsafe is a virtual credit card offered by HDFC Bank in collaboration with Visa. It can be used to secure online purchases and payments.

The virtual cards, also known as virtual credit cards or "DC", acts as an ordinary map, but it is only used to make payment online. As the name suggests, will come in a "virtual". It consists of a series of numbers 16-digit card account number, 3-digit security code called CVV/CVV2 card and expiry date on the card, for example, 12/2010.

The card is really not a credit card type. NO has been granted an overdraft facility, which you can borrow money to be used to pay for online merchants. It is a type of prepaid card as a debit card where the user is required to deposit funds on the card before any purchase can be made.

You can generate a Netsafe cards through an online account to his current HDFC MasterCard or Visa credit or debit card. You can go to any amount on your credit card limit. This can be done in HDFC Bank's website. Currently there are no fees for this card.

Netsafe can When the card is created using the virtual card number buy online. Or you can make payments online. Can be used at all locations where permitted by MasterCard or Visa payments. But in some cases, you should avoid using your card:

  • When you have to show your cards to receive their purchases as cinema tickets.
  • Installment or periodic payments.

It can also be used not only for effects in line to the phone or by e-shopping.

Netsafe If the card is not used wholly or partially, the amount will be credited to your account for the duration. The time required for disbursement of new amounts are as follows:

To fully Netsafe card is not used :

  • If you have created from your credit card will be made immediately.
  • If you have created from debit cards, the period required time is 3 days.

If the card is used partly Netsafe below :

  • If it is created from credit cards, time is 7 days.
  • If you have created from debit, you have almost 35 days.

The validity of the card Netsafe has 24 hours to 48 hours. After the period of validity expires automatically.

Advantages of using a card Netsafe :

  • Use Netsafe card, complete and security are some online purchases and payments.
  • Netsafe When the card is created you can place your own limits.
  • In any site that allows for payment with MasterCard or Visa cards can be used Netsafe.
  • The Netsafe card is always used on the website of the merchant to make payment. So your credit card in HDFC bank or credit card number is never revealed.
  • It is a single card transaction. So it can only be used once. So you're the first and the last to use it.
  • After the period of validity can not be used again.
  • Transactions conducted by Netsafe card will appear on your statement of the card. They will be the same as other transactions.


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