Kate Hudson in Harper’s Bazaar Covers January 2010


Kate Hudson is white hot on the cover in January 2010 Harper's Bazaar, located 15 December. This is what the 30-year-old actress transparency.

During pregnancy, rumors participation and suppress: "I am not pregnant. I can not go two months without getting pregnant, engaged, or at the last minute because I'm very needy, which is always the love. I'm not needy. You kind of have to laugh about it, but other types can ruin things around. " Why not talk about their relationship: "I have a child, and there are people involved, and it is unfair to talk about a second, especially when you're not there yet to discuss these things. If I sat here with a belly up here, I would be talking about what the relationship, and how important it is in my life right now."

By not feel pressure from family or friends to avoid Alex Rodriguez because of past mistakes: "I have not really friends," says Kate. "My mother never gave her hand to anyone. She kissed and hugged his way through life. [My family had] an open door policy. I never dared to bring home the wrong person. They were always open for our mistakes."

In the picture of her kissing and A-Rod: "There is a guy who is firing, probably 60 pictures in minutes. It was a sideswipe at her cheek. It was not even a kiss. Rask kissed my cheek. And I remember one of headlines of today, he said, Makeout session. What is wrong with people? "

Kate Hudson in Harper’s Bazaar Covers January 2010 photos

Kate Hudson in Harper’s Bazaar Covers January 2010 images

Kate Hudson in Harper’s Bazaar Covers January 2010 pictures

Kate Hudson in Harper’s Bazaar Covers January 2010 pics


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